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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 26, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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best ce athestco >> rig. richard carmona, great to have you with us tonight. all the best. thanks so much. >> thank you, ed. >> that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> good evening, ed. thank you. and thanks to you at home staying with us for the next hour. we heancyelos tonht ree tinie veryxcited about that. if this was the image of the week, across the country, for last week, the surreptitiously filmed mitt romney aressing wealthy republican donors in florida and telling them how no good and horrible half the country was, if that wa the image ofhek lweek, then this would surely have to qualify as the image of the week this week. touchdown? no touchdown? touchdown? oh, no! right? the big nfl referee's scandal thing. the green bay pacrs getting tally rbed of w o ayht football. that image from this week has crossed over now from being just a sports story to being an america story. it's now even an american
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politics story. yesterday the republican governor of wisconsin, scott walker, who of course is most famous for stripping union righ in hisstate, stt wa allmeutn favor of bringing back the union refs to the nfl. see, when it's about something that doesn't matter much like education, screw the unions. but when it's something important like football, well, look for the union label, america. rack obama and mitt romney and ul rnave s f t weigh in on this one football game from monday, on the referees issue. all three men saying that the green bay packers deserve to win that game. the packers got robbed. so even as the packers' agony crossed over into national politics this week, i stillave to sayt emrue that the single west political green bay packers moment in history, the best moment of all time in the overlap that exists between the green bay packers and politics is still this moment. >> the are 30 teams, but only
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one packer organization, and that is the greatest footbl organization ever in america's history. ai ce are only 187 daysor and 360 days before we go back to miami! whereas the packers are america's real team, and we'll always be winners in the hearts and minds of the people of wisconsin, therefore tommy thompson, gernor of e great state of sconn,o hy proclaim january 27th, 1998, all over wisconsin, green bay packer day in honor of all of you, the
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fans! congratulations. thank you. >> tommy thompso from the great state of wiscons -- declaring packers day. he was the governor of wiscons back in the '90s. since then, he keeps running for office. he ran for president for a hot secondtryi to connce pe hs ot guy named thompson, not named fred. now he is the republican nominee for the united states senate in wisconsin. tommy thompson right n is losing that race. the last five polls out of wisconsin all show tommy thompson losing, including one oodha shows him losing by 12 points. and that was before the "milwaukee journal sentinel" today posts this video of tommy thompson this summer telling a tea party group what his plans are for medicare and also for medicaid. listen to this. >> change medicare mai li d welfare, and who better than me, that's already
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finished one of the entitlement programs, to come up with programs to do away with medicaid and medicare? >> who better than me, to do away with medicare? we're going have to wait until the next round of polng isinse te of tommy thompson saying he wants to get rid of micare affects his numbers, in a state that's already inclined against him by 12 points. whato you think the next round's going to look ke opponent in this senate race is named tammy baldwin. one snapshot of politics right now in this country is how the presidential race is going. but the race to control the united states senate most ds is a more amazing story. or a more amazing amaamation of stories. today tomhon o t saying, who better than him to get rid of medicare! but something like that can't even win the shocking election tape of the week award, not when it's up against other competitors from this week, like this tape.
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[ chanting ] this is the tape we aired here last night of five staffers for massachusetts republican senator scott brown, as well as other republican party operives, chanting fake native american warhosng taw chops, to mock native americans. the abc affiliate in boston identified the scott brown staffers here as his deputy chief of staff, his constituent services council, his state director for massachusetts, and his special assistant. so,hessaet e bl p g here, who works in conjunction with the brown campaign. scott brown came out shortly after he heard about this tape yesterday to say that he did not condone the behavior of his staffers here. but you know, this is not exactly an isolated incident. i mean, sator bwn right now is bgiselon cagn t senate on the issue of elizabeth warren's ethnicity and what he thinks it
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really is. >> professor warren claimed that she was a native american, a person of color, and as you can see, she's not. that being sa, she checked the xhe hopportunity, actually, to make a decision throughout her career, when she apply to penn and harvard, she checked the box claiming s was a native american. and you know, clearly she's not. >> clearly. "clearly she's not." that was how he opened up his first debate against elizabeth warren. the very first ad that scott brown aired after that first debate was not an ad addressing any specific issues in the country or in the senate race, but rather an ad attacking elizabeth warren on the basis of race. scott brown has had a campaign website up for weeks in which he describes elizabeth warren as a, quote, fake indian. that's the language he yauses o his website. after all of that, scott bro said yesterday while he did not
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coone theomkch whoop, making fun of native americans behavior by his senate staffers, he said that he did think an apology was necessary. and that apology was necessary from elizabeth warren. scott brown described elizabeth warren yesterday asnsiv is oha offensive here, according to scott brown. these are his staffers. senate staffers. we pay their salary. today the chief of the cherokee nation put out this statement. "the cherokee nation is disappointed in and denounces the disrpectful actions of staffers and supportersf massachusetts senator scott brown. es beyond what is appropriate and proper in political discourse. the use of stereotypical war whoop chants and tomahawk chops are offensive and downright rast. the individuals involved in this unfortunate incident are high-ranking staffers in both the senate office and the brown campai a caaign thawoulownd condone such offensive and racist behavior must be called to task for their actions.
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i will not be silent when individuals mock and insult our people and our great nation. we need individuals in the united states senate who respect nativemericans and hav a untagfbaissues. for that reason, i call upon senator brown to apologize for the offensive actions of his staff and their uneducated, unenlightened and racist portrayal of native peoples. " late tonight, after saying nothing all day long in resnse at sbrown's campaign, late tonight, finally put out a statement saying that he regrets the unacceptable behavior of his after. his spokesperson added, quote, this kind of conduct will not be tolerated. scott brown, tbe clr, h never disproven th elizabeth warren has native american ancestry, right? it's not like anybody's ever produced any evidence to say that she is not native american. the whole basis for the brown campaign makin fun of indian people, right, the whole basis for alof this making funf veripett
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bran b his campaign is that he says he can tell by looking at her that she is way too white-looking to really be cherokee or of any oth native american ancestry. to be clear, that is the chief of the cherokee nation on the left-hand side of yourcr anat elizabeth warren on the right-hand side of your screen. scott brown says, look at her. i can tell she's not native amican. scott brown, as the incumbent senator in massachusetts, had been leading in the polls. the republican-leaning rasmussen poll right now ps the massacsetts seneac tie. about four of the last five polls in the state show challenger elizabeth wiarren beating scott brown in massachusetts. the challenge was not supposed to be scott brown. he's supposed to be great at campaigning. the pem f ithis race was supposed to be the headwind he was going toet from being in such a democratic-leaning state. well, now thanks to the way he's running his campaign, the headwinds he's facing no longer
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appear to be the only factor that ought to worry republicans in this race. in miouri, though, the oppote damas bnt rk. the democratic incumbent in missouri, claire mccaskill, she was thought of having almost no chance of holding on to her seat this year because of the republican headwinds in the state of missouri. because they have grown so strong since she was elect there had in 2006. th, since the claire mccaskill race, was before republicans decided this guy would be their nominee to secede her. >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body h ways to try to shut that whole thi down. >> rublin se idtokin of missouri explaining the difference between legitimate rapes and other rapes. you know, things called rape, but, you know. todd in's been getting away with saying stuff like thator his whole career. but now that he's a u.s. senate candidate, you're not supposed
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to articulate things that sound that crazy. so when he said that last month, everybody went nuts, including the right. his own party decided he could no longer be the u.s. senate caidate from missouri. thether candidate from missou, roy blun sd athe titoeeoet out of this race. thaed of the senate campaign committee for the national republican appeared said of todd akin, "we're done." just about everybody in republican politics, from mitt romn and paul ryan, all the way down to the scott browns of the world called for todd akin to get out of tt missouri senate race. fore the republican convention, but now, apparently, now we know how much time outrage wears off in. now republicans have decided they're over allf their concerns about todd akin. here he is doing a press conference last week with newt gingrich. newt gingrich ere showing his support forodd akin. miormer presidential candidate rick santorum threw their support behind todd akin. republican senator roy blunt, remember him? the guy who said todd akin has to get out. he put out a statement today saying that now his supporting
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todd akin. the state republicanparty, which had expressed grave public doubts about anft h cotsut se rapes being legitimate last month, they now say they're all in for todd akin as well. even the national republican party's senate campaign committee, the guys who said we're done when they were talking about todd akin, apparentlyhey are thinking now of not being done with him or owe jow offended all of those republicans really were about the legitimate rape comments. they were offended enough until the deadline passed and they couldn't get off the ballot and they couldn't replace him anymore, and now they've decided they're already with the who e oueteoff.n took about a month. todd akin had been heavily favored by double digits in that senate race before this whole thing started. but the latest polling out of missouri now shows claire mccaskill ahead. she is now back to havi two big headwis, right? one is that th repubcans are exctedo t s the presidential level. but two is that todd akin is out
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of the doghouse. now that the outrage has worn off, now he's going to be benefiting from tons of conservative money from all over the countryo elect the legitimate rapguy. the pridential race is continuing to trend wt has been in recent days, which is that it's trending in barack obama's favor. new polling by "the new york times" and quinnipiac has president obama up in florida by nine points. in ohio, president oba up by ten points. in pennsylvania, that poll has president obama up by 12 ints. lolls that have the margins slightly smaller in pennsylvania and florida today, but those other polls also show president obama winning in the swing states. a new ppp poll in iowa today shows president obama leading in iowa by seven points. lohowing president obama leading in colorado by four points. nationally, president obama has seen his lead rebound in recent days. in the gallup daily tracking point, he initially got a six-point bounce out of the democratic convention. that lead evaporated in the days
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that foowed but n as you can see, president obama has regained that six-point lead as if he just did the conventions all over again. with just 41 days left until the election, a snapshot of the race is very clear. in fact, we do these polls every day and 's almost starting to seem static atherential le thswstpot w do every day, pretty much the map always look like this. president obama leading in all of the swing states or at least leading in almost all of them. a standard caveat, of course, is that anything could change. but the longer that it goes on without changing, as longs it arts to look like this cayihetaf race, especially now that more than half the country is already voting, half the swing states, already voting right now, while that is happening, if that part of the race is staying and this is the way it's going to look, at times theore interesting part of the election is not just the race f the white hoe, but the race foronol of e d en for control of the house. those races all get inflected by what's happening at the top of the ticket, right?
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at a certain point, though, if it stays like this in the presidentialace, now's the time to start asking, these outside groups who have been spendingundreds of millions of dollars on predential race, behalf of mitt romney, look at those poll numbers and say, why are we spending all this money? why are we sending good money after ba is the raceoing tbett of republican donors? the democrats are not only saying now that they are going to hold on to the senate, the democrats are now starting to talk about taking back the house, which in all likelihood would make nancy pelosi speaker of the house again. nancy pelosi is our est, next. bob, the projections.. they're... optimistic. producvi up, ctsn, tiothose are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems... ups? ups. not fantasy? who would have thought?
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house democratic leader nancy pelosi joins us tonight live here for the interview. and we've got a best new thing in the world today. and some new news on how not to answer when you are asked about your hisry oin hier is that you probably shouldn't lie in your
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speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. th's cold tr paul ryan has become an intellectual leader of the reblican party. >> that is the day things really changed. we were on a path i would have said to you then, llmesy with us. the medicare issue in this campaign, so we have a message, we have the messengers, we have the money, we had the bilization. we have a very excellent chance to take back the house. for 18 months, they have been the three mosmpnt issues in the campaign, in alphabetical order. medicare, medicare, medicare.
9:20 pm
and when ryan was chosen, the agent for the destruction of medicare was chosen as the vice pridential id well, it clarified the debate for many people in the races that we are active in. >> whatever it says about american politics, the fact is that the balance of power in congress and the house of representatives has been shifting pretty wildly in these past few elections. in '06 and '08, t democ swg 52ea in their direction. they seized both control of the house and a huge majority in the house. then in 2010, the republicans swung 61 seats back in their direction, and they got control in 2010. and now for this year, beltway common says there's really no chce toc cainou seats back to them to take the house back over. but some political scientists say, actually, that is a real possibility, that the democrats could take back the house. and the democrats themselves sounding increasingly confident thathey might do it. d frkly, stranger things
9:21 pm
have happed, en in tight for the interview is the democratic leader of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi. madame leader, it's great to have you here. thank you for coming. >> my flash, rachel. great to behere, always. >> democrats need 25 seats? >> yes, we have a drive for 25. >> y h sdha y t maty is with you. the momentum is with you. is that based on what's going on in the presidential race, or is there something else that's going on that makes you feel that momentum? >> well, both. we have been working very hard to get to a place to put the house place. we didt by, say, late spring/early summer. but when august 11th, mark that date on your calendar, when ryan was chosen, that made a very big difference. because medicare, medicare, medicare, the three most portant issues in the campaign, lptir, that issue was clarified, focus was on it, and we could not lose the debate about medicare, because if we do, forget
9:22 pm
democrats, forget republics, medicare is gone. we'll be back to a te before lyndon johnson. eerf insurance g seniorst companies by giving them a voucher, but not a guarantee. and the severing of that guarante the architect of that, is paul ryan, his being chosen made a big difference for you. >> and you feel lik thehoice ofau reenly every other campaign issue, at least, fall away for any house candidate who chooses to run on that. that that's a clear enough issue on that issue that nothing else really has to matter? >> well, on house race especially in a presidential year, younly have a small opportunity getop tentn an to hit them with your best shot, as to what your message is. and this has been an issue that hits every generation. it's about the seniors, of course, it's about their families, and how a of them alth security, because their
9:23 pm
seniors are taken care of. we're very excited about it. but i wish that itere not a race about medicare, because the fact is, medicare is on the ballot. my name is on the ballot, t president's name is on the ballot, many people's names are on the ballot. and if we do not win the house, and of course if the president doesn't win, but we feel pretty good about the president's winning, that would be very much at risk. >> in terms of how you think that shapes the map and opportunities for house demoats, are there places in the country tt you fle mi honestly, not be all that competitive this year. but specifically on that issue, specifically because mitt romney picked paul ryan, there's geographical parts of the country are democts can compete better. >> well, first oall, the fact ckl moeoo theoba is othe polls. many of the races, the battleground states that you showed earlier, are just a few states. we're in more states than the
9:24 pm
president. so we're basically on our own, texas, california, new york, atri, out m land,asto become a battleground state, because the opportunity might be there for the president. and we expect to win about 20 seats in the states i just named. then we go where the president is, florida, io, colora, iodate that, to take us, oh, i want to go beyond 25, iould like to have 35. but the -- it's a very discreet races, some states rp -- have blue patches that we want to win back thar districts that are held by republicans that were won by president obama and about a third of those were also won by john kerry. and so we think there's real opportunity. now, mind you, peopl didn't say we were going to win theouse in'0 w first made this
9:25 pm
attempt. yet. it took like another few weeks before they started to see the handwriting on the wall that the momentum was with us, and that the polls, and that these individu districts were coming r way. right now we're i aboutn ag fnt ahead, average in the generic. some eight, some two, average of five, that five is enough to win the house. i'd like six or seven percentage points difference in the polling for us to take -- >> in terms of the generic ballot, people are asked, do you prefepcar a democratic congress? >> in individual districts. >> one of the issues that gets a lot of attention in terms of how it might affect the presidential race is the issue of vote suppression, becoming more difficult to register to vote and to vote. if you have a moment, we ve actually some new news on that ouof floda. n d o moment. how that's going to affect not just the presidential race, but also the race to control the congress. we'll be back with democratic leader nancy pelosi right t after this. and those well grounded. for what's around this corner...
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morning, boys. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve,
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and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commerciuto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. check this out. this is new news tonight. this past spring, florida's republican governor, rick scott, started a purge to get people ofthe voter rolls in florida. one of the floridian voters who was targeted in that purge was a man named uhroll araliga. he got a letter from the state of florida this spring ordering him to prove his citizenship within 30 days or los hht
9:30 pm
tote he was very concerned, he sent in his proof of citizenship. today he was told by mr. rick scott's administration, that's not good enough, he's going to prove his proof of citizensh eytr to rge him a second time. rick scott's election division has sent florida counties another new list of voters it wants purged off the voter rolls now, less than six weeks before the election. his last purge targeted 82% minority voters, in heavily % ofhe people who he tried to purge off the voter rolls as noncitizens, 98% of those who responded actually were citizens, but of course 100% of the people targeted by the purge have been threated by the state of florida about exsiheigovote. and all the counties, it's not like they have anything else to do, right, 41 days before they need to get 11 million potential votes cast and counted.
9:31 pm
back with us for the interview tonight is the democratic leader in the house of presentatives, nancy pelosi. thank you again for your time wsapning here in florida is obviously part of a big increase in purges and changing the voting laws in states where republicans are in control in order to make it harder to vote ts election. are you confident that docra e inat . erwhat i said about that. don't agonize, organize. we have to go out there and shine a bright light on it, so the public kno the immorality of putting up barriers to vong. it's just plain wrong. but apart from that, okay, we know that's wrong. this is ridiculous, what he is doin but wveo i make sure that every person who is eligible to vote gets the i.d., goes through the motions, is registered to vote, and their vote is counted as cast. because this thing keeps going. counted cast. that's ver imrtan pt they're doing.
9:32 pm
suffocate the airwaves with endless, unidentified special interest money, suck the air out of the air waves. suppress the vote with these regulations and laws that ty have passed, and the other way lppl -s no use even i going, you're not going to be able to vote, it's a turnoff. what else is a turnoff is their poisonous campaign. if you suffocate the airwaves, suppress the vote, poison the debate, people throw up their hands and say, i don't even know if i want to participa in th. an when they walk away, right, thinking people walk away, the special interests achieve a victory. so we have to keep the campaign positive, about what our president could do, in the case of elizabeth warren, in case of our democrat how thi could be different and was different when we were in the majoty,ith decrat pdend a republican president. so, again, don't agonize, organize. early voting is a good way to overcome some of the obstacles
9:33 pm
there,establishing. governorcott is ridiculs beyondords in what he is trying to do to his own le the id of the people. they're afraid of their votes. and they have to suppress them. we have to overcome that. because by winning, we winning we can prove them wrong in their tactics. and by winning, we can -- i have a dare. n - t fe' there, disclose, i'm nancy pelosi, i approve this me think. we have to have disclosure of where this money's coming from in campaigns. i have to say my name, but these multi, multi-billionaires don't have to say their name on an . amd the constitution to overturn citizens united. it can be done. the public wants it. we have to take the first step perform the system. public financing of campaigns. get rid of the role of money, and re-elect reformers. i don't en care if they're reicor drar whoever, who are willing to stand up for our democracy that our founders sacrificed
9:34 pm
everything for. the government of the many, not the government of the money. and this is really important. because as long as they can control the mechanics of elections, they ve an advantage. tls ho win, s thatit. we can change it. >> in terms of just the idea of dispiriting people that the campaigns mean anything, poisoning the debate, making people feel like it doesn't matter if i vote or not, one of the issues that i, just as a citizen, feel frustrated is not esti race, that i think is something people care a whole lot about is the war that we are in. we are in the longest war in american history. and you and i have talked in the past and in previous interviews, you once told me the polital dynamics around the warn afghistae pcu paan and just this last week, congressman bill young of florida, he changed his mind on the war. came out against the war. he just said, i just think we're killing kids that don't need to die. mitt romney didn't even put it
9:35 pm
nvtionbut should ending the the war before the president's scheduled timetable in 2014 be a matter of presidential discussion? should it be a matter of debate for house candidates right now? is it a matter for congress to decide? >> well, it is a matter of our national security, and how does this fit into that. t th ne.nt inrs it doesn't mean it will take all of that time. but it will be done by that time. and that is progress from where we had been. you have to remember, when president bush was president, there was no plan. we had been there 6 y nplan. we routed the taliban, we did not defeat them, and then we left and went to iraq. so president obama had to put a plan in place and a timetable to get it done. so it may n be as fast as we would all ke, but the fact is, oantreasure, tost important part, our young people, the casualties to their lives and to their physical
9:36 pm
ll-being and their mental -- it's all physical, mental or not. so, yeah, i do think that this is taking tus a p whee shld really understand that war, as a resolution of conflict, is an obsolete idea. and we should take the debate to a bigger place, a bigger place. i'll never getver the fact that president bush took us into war on a false premise, that h knew was false, that his administration knew was false, for a different agenda, and look how long we stayed in iraq. >> whether or not it ends up becoming an issue in the presidential race, is this a matter for congress to decide, in terms of when we leave, before the eleion or after the election, or is it the prenca >> well, it's a combination. because when we won in '06, one of the big issues was ending the war in iraq. and we went to see the president and we said we're re, how do we end thewand,
9:37 pm
th noio happen. and the president, unless you have two-thirds vote, you're at the mercy of. but let me say, this election, because of what we have been through, i want to make this one point. people are saying, the republicans had the nerve to say, are you better off than you were four years ago. an man people have -- there d p it is that still rem innoce informants of what happened during the bush years. but just a week ago, in my office, the speaker's office, and the presence of the repuican andemtide in the house -- leaders in the house and senate, the chairman of the fed said to us after secretary bernanke described a terrible meltdown of our financial institution, the chairman of the fed said, if we do not act immediately, we will not hav a emy monday. this is the place that had taken us to. this is the place that president obama and house democrats tried to take us the from. this is the place that the
9:38 pm
republican majority has blocked any of president obama's initiatives to do more to help indivi fieinur tr but how could they possibly even pose the question, are you better off, when the chairman of the fed, that day, four years ago, and one week ago, if we don't act immediately, w will not have an economy! an economy by monday. ta better off, and as a country, and now we have to make sure we elect a democratic house to work with the president, so that we can pass the jobs bill, that we can pass political reform. you can't separate --alte ruth saidou'tarate the bread box and the ballot box. if you want the right politics for working families, you have get to the polls. drive for 25. >> that about whether or not it is possible for the democrats to take the house is shiftin with each contied df , very blue polls of the presidential
9:39 pm
race and down ballot. congresswoman nancy pelosi of california, the former speaker of the house, current democrac leader of the house, always nice to have you. >> thank u, my pleasure. coming next, a candate keoushoy. thndidate responds by telling a lie about how honest he is. i'm hoping this one is performance art.
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the mitt romney for president campaign yesterday finally addressed something that we on this show have been talking aboufohs. mething we first raised back in november. we have been hoping for the romney campaign to address this issue ever since then, but they've just been able to avoid talking about it for months. until now. this week mitt romney himself finally forced to address it. >> just the other day, you said olplitis hish bnry to speeches about your record. but fact checkers have also taken issue with your ads. haven't you also played fast and loose with t facts from time to time? >> we've been absolutely spot-on.
9:47 pm
and anytime there's anything th's been a miss, we correct it or remove it. atsescribing there, removing or correcting false claims made by the campaign once you realize they are false, that is a process that a normal campaign does follow. that's what makes this statement so neworthy. beusehe romney campaign hasn't been doing that. they haven't been removing their false claims from the record once they're proven to be false. which is a strange decision for a campaign operating at the presidential election. look at one of the first general election ads released by the romney campai. this was released back in novemberft . ro rf r homeowners. it's going to take a new direction. if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> "if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose, lose, lose." that is how mitt romney's ad quoted predent obama. here's wt president obama tual s >> senator mccain's campaign actually said, and i quote, "if
9:48 pm
we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose." >> so the romney ad tried to make it soundike president obama said this thg that he was quoting someonelse saying, anhe was quoting it tay atement.sedh t i mean, there are lots of little lies in politics, little exaggerations, but that's really big, really bad lie. and it was their first ad against psident obama. and so, naturally, mitt romney got skewered for this, for building his first general election a on a really obviously blunt lie. at did the rney campaign do about the whopper in that ad? did they correct it or remove as mitt romney now says has always been his campaign policy? no, they didn't it. that ad is still up on his campaign web page. dmo correct that ad, romney defended it just as it was getting all attention for being a lie, remember? >> there was no hidden effort on the part of our campaign. it was instead to point out what's sauce for the goose is now sauce for the gander. >> sauces and gooses, whatev.
9:49 pm
but mro dtre orvehe ad that had the lie in it about what president obama said about the economy. he said, essentially, i mean, wh are you going to do about it. also, geese. he used the same dynamic at work with the other romy political ad lngak pical hay out of the solyndra bankruptcy. this is from may. >> the inspector general said contracts were steered to friends and family. >> that is not true. pot of fact, the inspector general did not say that. that is an empirical claim. it ismpirically false. you can chk sff like th h again the press was quick to point out. so has the solyndra ad with this whopper about the inspector general been corrected or removed? no. it has not. it is still right there on mitt romney's campaign web page. and then there's the now-infamous welre ad from the republican ann romney campaign last month. >> president obama quietly ended the work requirement, gutting
9:50 pm
welfare reform. >> that is not true. that did not happen. president obama did not strip the work requirement out of welfare quietly or otherwise. quite the opposite, in fact. out ad nauseam by political reporters. but the romney campaign's response about getting caught lying about president obama's welfare policies was not to correct or remove the ad, corre like mitt romney said has always been done, that ad is still there on their campaign web . in fact the campaign responded by telling we're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers. when he w asked about the untrueel >> a there's anything that's been amiss we correct it or remove it. the president on the other and. >> even the welfare ad? >> absolutely. it has been shown time and again that the president's effort to take work requirement out of welfare is a calculated move. >> pde h made no
9:51 pm
effort to take work requirements out of welfarement so even as he's claiming that the campaign corrects the record when it gets caught getting the facts wrong, mitt romney is repeating the exact falsehood that got him i so much troue i thest e. campaigns get stuff wrong. campaigns make claims in the heat of the moment get overstated or maybe they say things they know are wrong but then they get called on them and they have to apologize. that's normal. that's politics. what's strange here is not that th romyamn he soallaim in the campaign, right? what is strange here is when they have gotten things wrong, when they've been called out for getting things wrong, they have not tried to fix it. when ty have been shown to be making fse ms. sn cm any stress. but even within the romney campaign, i have to say there is another model for dealing with problems like this.
9:52 pm
this may come from the way mr. romney was beaten in 2008. teedhae not get stuck with the flip flopper label again. even though they leave the ads with the lies in them up and sometimes mr. romney goes on tv invents a brand new policy position he's never had before. after he does that, his staff follows behind hnd qly releasing statements faeg back his quotes. when mr. romney was asked in an interview last week about one of his immigration advisers. heaild not confirm whether kris kobch was part of his team. and they yes, he's a romney campaign adviser. so he tells an intviewe's neit him but his
9:53 pm
campaign says what he said was not true. same thing happened last month when mr. romney came out with a whole new policy position on abortion rights. >> i'm in favor of aion being legaln theasef r annct the health of the life of the mother. >> he says he believes abortion should be allowed to protect a woman'health. afterwards theampaign said that's not what he believes. he doesn actually suppor t l t h a abortion if you need one to protect your health as a woman. the same thing happened earlier this month when mr. romney came t with a whole new take of obama care. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform. therare a mberfhing th let going to put in place. one is to make sure that those with preexisting conditions can get coverage. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health reform. he says he wants to cover people
9:54 pm
with preexisting conditions and hisampanamers and said he does not mean that. saying that mr. romney was not in favor of a law requiring that coverage. the same thing happened just a week ago when he suddenly, surprisingly said his red line of keeping iran from going nuclear is the same as president obama's red line. after mitt romney said that on tape that he believes his red line is the same as president obama's, h cign ietl dot really believe that. they said maybe it was the guy who was asking the question was wrong and suggesting that it was the same p. and when mitt romney saideah that was in fact the case he was meg. being aeeabr t hne aga this week. mitt romney concede another one
9:55 pm
of his frequent attacks on the president. he's been charging for months that president obama has raised taxes on middle class americans. but then he admitted on tape is ta redebama hot he's got one new idea, one thing he did not do in his first four years which is to raise taxes. >> so mitt romney admits that presidenobama has not raised taxes during his first term as department. mp s afterwards, what he said he does not believe that. they're not admitting that he misspoke. they're not saying that he said the wrong word. they're saying he didn't mean what h clearly said. what seems to be happening here is that in thmoment, when he's tain an ivir speaking to an audience, he just says what they want to hear, even if it's not really his position or can't remember what his position is supposed to be or if it not really what he believes. but his campaign can't have the flip flop be on the record.
9:56 pm
they'rso stiha label from 2008. so quietly they just erase the quote. they take it back. they say he never said that. they never admit that he might have said the wrong thing. they just try to erase from the record the wrong thing that he said. so it's two stragies wihe ahe just leave the false ads up. but when the candidate himself says it, they let him say whatever seems right to that audience right in front of him. they never say he apologizes or mix spoke but the campaign tries atourdsay, he recor late didn't really say that. so with this campaign you really do have a choice. which of these two ways of lying is a better way to lie? they'veot a lot of practice at both.
9:57 pm
i'm bara ck o bama a i approve i'm bara th message. ck o romney: "it's time to stand up to the cheats" bavoug c? miro.e i'm bara th message. when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our rkers." w miomtane cheaters... when he's taking their side? ♪
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